Sistema de chasis activo CT6

2016 Cadillac CT6, Los Angeles, CA

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The system chassis advanced performance Cadillac CT6 is designed to deliver an experience captivating driving – delivering the highest quality of driving, handling and isolation in the segment – with traction on all wheels active application, active rear steering and Control magnetic driving Active Chassis System available. (Fig. 9)


F09 CT6 active chassis image

Fig. 9


Rear Active Steering


The Active Rear Steering (ARS), standard on the Platinum edition and offered as an option on Luxury and Premium models, improved low speed maneuverability and increases agility higher speeds. At low speeds (below 22.3 mph or 36 km / h), the rear wheels will rotate in the opposite direction to the front wheels both in forward and reverse. The system allows the rear wheels to rotate in unison with the front wheels at higher speeds (up to 22.3 mph or 36 km / h), which helps the vehicle to change direction much better. The result is a full size vehicle that handles like a sporty midsize sedan.


Intelligent Actuator Rear Active Steering


ARS system consists of an intelligent actuator (Fig. 10, # 2) containing the motor and control module and connections which transmit the force from the actuator to the joint direction and the rear wheels. The ARS system is controlled by the electronic control module Brake (EBCM), which uses inputs including vehicle speed sensor steering wheel angle, and the rate of change of steering angle to determine the angle of the direction of right rear.


F10 CT6 actuator

Fig. 10


The EBCM uses the GMLAN bus chassis to order the steering control module RWD (RWSCM) to rotate the rear wheels. The RWSCM provides feedback to the EBCM for steering position and rate of change. The ARS system can mechanically move 4.6 degrees but the controller limits the movement to 3.5 degrees.


AWD for active application


The all-wheel drive (AWD) per active application – standard on all V6 models CT6 – is also part of active chassis system, maximizing handling and stability in all weather conditions. The AWD configuration adds an active transfer case transmission after dividing power between the front drive shaft in one piece and the rear drive shaft in two pieces.


The AWD system features a transfer box MP 3713G model Magna speed. Software calibrations tune a friction clutch torque preferably by application. When a driver enters a turn, the torque clutch decreases based on various inputs GM LAN, such as steering angle and vehicle speed, to prevent the occurrence of jumps or adhesion of the driveline at low speeds .


The torque split between the front and rear axle is not fixed, which differs from a transfer case open center differential. The active design can transfer from 0 to 100 percent of torque to the front axle. Transfer torque is adjusted based on various inputs, including wheel slip, engine speed, throttle position, transmission speed and driving modes selectable Tour, Snow / Ice or Sport.


The torque to the front axle through a wet clutch in active transfer case moves. (Fig. 11) The motor rotates a worm gear actuator that rotates the shift shaft, which activates a scissor mechanism and applies the clutch.


F11 CT6 transfer case

Fig. 11


Selectable driving modes Rheological magnet technology used to independently control each of the shocks and struts and change the characteristics of the suspension system. Rheological magnet technology independently controls the viscosity of the fluid in each strut and shock absorber. The front struts and rear shocks contain an internal electrical coil and metal particles of micron size in the rheological fluid magnet. The control module uses the suspension current pulse width modulated (PWM) to the electrical coil within each strut or shock absorber. The PWM current increases fluid viscosity aligning the metal particles within it, which increases or decreases the damping force of the suspension during compression and rebound.


In all kinds of weather and road conditions, the system allows drivers to customize the system to deliver a customized ride and precise handling.


– Thanks to Sherman Dixon and Blake Sterling

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